Global Security, Risk and Compliance Services

Convergent Risks is a specialist consultancy focused on security, risk and compliance services. We have a global footprint with offices in the U.S. and UK, and representation across Europe, EMEA, India and the Far East. We serve a wide and varied range of clients including national and international companies, institutions and governments.

Media & Entertainment

Keeping infrastructure secure is critical to keeping entertainment services online. We provide services to help media and entertainment organisations achieve cost effective compliance and data security.

Data Privacy & GDPR

We can help you to understand how GDPR affects your organisation and provide you with the support you need to meet the growing demands of domestic and international privacy regulations with confidence.

Infrastructure & Utilities

We provide advisory and project management solutions as well as technical consultancy services to help government entities meet the increasing demands and challenges of their industry.

Penetration Testing

Through a targeted attack simulation, our team safely takes your business through real-world scenarios and advises on remediation.

Trusted Partner Network

The leading provider of TPN security assessments with over 300 completed assignments through our US, Europe and APAC teams.


Helping you prepare for site security assessments with best practice mapping, remediation, engineering and policy development.

PPI Programme Validation

Privacy compliance assessment & robustness testing of personal data protection across your supply chain.

Incident Response

Providing testing and consultancy for business continuity and disaster recovery for your organisation.

Cloud Security Review

Helping you achieve optimum security configurations with industry best practices for your cloud and application workflows.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to you, alongside the way we operate, is characterised by a combination of innovation, experience and trust.


Industry Experts

Our credentialed, industry experts use their experience to view each security issue through a business lens.


Transparent Fees

Convergent operates a fixed fee offering for our compliance services inclusive of travel and disbursements.


Our Commitment

We work closely with organisations to give them the information, tools and guidance they need to stay ahead.