Cloud and Application Security

Convergent are proud to be contributing to the TPN’s recently announced cloud and application security program. This mirrors the cloud workflow and web application security assessment and testing program that we have been operating since 2020.

Ensuring that your cloud or hybrid workflows are correctly configured and secure, can be complex and challenging. Convergent will help you detect, identify and resolve critical vulnerabilities that may be present. We offer robust and repeatable cloud-agnostic security assessments that will provide you and your customers the necessary assurance that you have the correct cloud and application security posture in place.

“When looking to ensure that all compliance requirements are being met (from traditional “on-prem” or cloud deployments), we found Convergent Risks to be an excellent partner to work with.”

Jeremy Smith – CTO
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Our team of highly experienced cloud security professionals have in-depth knowledge of media and entertainment workflows and we will guide you through each stage of the assessment process. Our comprehensive cloud security methodology, supported by content owners and the M&E trade bodies, aggregates the CIS Benchmarks for cloud provider security best practices and we manually review each cloud account supported by configurability vulnerability testing. We conduct OWASP threat assessment testing on SaaS applications that you may have developed, or are using, to ensure that defences are strengthened against an increasingly hostile world.

“We chose Convergent Risks for several reasons; they know the creative industry, its security challenges, and offered a new dimension into the security review, going beyond the platform and cloud. We found their comprehensive evaluation as a valuable tool for our business going forward.”

Magnus Eklöv – CTO
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