Convergent Risks Hosts “How to Handle a Security Emergency” at the CDSA Content Protection Summit

Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, Dec 3, 2018. Convergent Risks, the experts in risk identification, assessment and mitigation will host the breakout session “How to Handle a Security Emergency” at the CDSA Content Protection Summit being held at the Marina Del Rey Marriott in Los Angeles on Wednesday 5th December 2018. This will be an interactive session hosted by Janice Pearson, Head of Global Content Protection at Convergent Risks and Alex Pickering Global Content Security Director, BBC Studios along with Ben Schofield, app & cloud digital media consultant and Mathew Gilliat-Smith consultant and advisor to Convergent Risks.

A fictitious security emergency scenario will be presented to the breakout session audience who will then vote on the possible courses of action using a mobile app. The panel and audience will then debate the pros and cons and implications of each action. It’s too often the case that businesses are faced with irreversible nightmare scenarios which, perhaps with better preparation, may have been averted.

Janice Pearson commented, “The scenario we will be acting out at the summit, while fictitious, is an example of how studios and vendors are connected in the supply chain. When information goes public in a content leak, vendors can find themselves in a similar predicament especially when there is little information about the cause of a leak. I recently joined Convergent after a ten-year career at Warner Brothers where I served as director of global content protection strategy and operations. I have spent many years supporting the vendor community and helping them improve their defences against cyber and insider threats.”

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