Infrastructure & Utilities Services

Security engineering and design consulting from Convergent helps you identify and integrate appropriate electronic and physical security measures into the design of built infrastructure, starting from project inception. We provide a range of security design and engineering solutions, as well as risk and project management services across the infrastructure and utilities sector. Whether you are a developer, owner, security director, architect or constructor, we work to understand your security risks, operational requirements and design philosophy. Our solutions are tailored to your specific business need and take into account the risk appetite of the organisation, available resources and budget.

Convergent can assist your organisation with:


  • Risk assessment and management
  • System integration
  • Innovation and efficiency
  • Use and application of technology
  • Resilience and incident response
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery

Project Management:

  • Scope and initiation
  • Budget identification
  • Implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Performance and quality control
  • Project coordination and close out

Technical Consulting:

  • Lead design and design engineering
  • Commissioning and remediation
  • Protection of critical national infrastructure
  • Bespoke cyber and information security solutions

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