Cloud Consultancy Review

Convergent Professional Services provides cloud security review services for your cloud workflows. Our cloud security professionals are able to undertake formal reviews of your organisation whatever your size and status by adopting a four-stage approach. The four stage review is based on discovery; security governance & mapping against best practices; review of cloud environments; and security testing.

The timetable for the TPN Cloud & Application Control Framework and security assessment program is forecast to be sometime in 2020. The cloud security reviews conducted by Convergent are based on the same controls as the forthcoming TPN cloud & application framework. In the interim, while the TPN service is being finalized, there are many benefits in conducting a cloud security review which will help support your preparation for a future TPN cloud security assessment.

Insights’ into Cloud Security

Part 1: How to avoid common cloud security issues [download PDF]

This overview on “How to avoid common cloud security issues” is the first of an “Insights” titled series of informational white papers. Focused on cloud and application security, our aim is to support our colleagues within Media and Entertainment to transition to the cloud and leverage its services securely. “Insights” will provide practical advice for large and small companies using SaaS, PaaS or IaaS cloud services whether already in the cloud or migrating to it.

In this paper we focus on how to avoid the common cloud security vulnerabilities by taking a methodical approach. Providing thoughtful insights on how to navigate the important strategic and operational challenges, we hope the information will assist those considering and planning for cloud deployments. For those already operating in the cloud the document will be the first step in assisting to establish internal assurance benchmarks in preparation for forthcoming external assurance requirements.


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