Vulnerability Scanning

Monthly Vulnerability Scanning

We provide a monthly vulnerability scanning service which the MPA/TPN Best Practice guidelines state that vendors should
“perform on at least a Monthly basis network vulnerability scans of all external IP ranges and hosts and remediate issues – and should consider having this performed by a third party.”

We conduct automated vulnerability scanning with Security Industry Awarded Tools and each month provide you with a summary and detailed report of the results. These are divided into four categories, Critical, High, Medium and Low with a comparison to the prior month so that you will be immediately alerted to new and pressing vulnerabilities.

The majority of our clients who use our Penetration Testing service also use the monthly vulnerability scanning service which is charged at a nominal fee. We can also provide this service separately if you so wish.

When you take our monthly vulnerability scanning service you will be given a secure login to our management portal where all your data will be available for ease of viewing.

During this time of Remote Working, we are seeing a spike in network vulnerabilities and therefore regular vulnerability scanning is strongly recommended. 

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