New Tech Spurred by Remote Working Creates New Challenges and Opportunities

At the Recent technical advances that have been spurred on by the need for remote working during the pandemic have spawned a new era of application technology that enables complex workflows to be simplified and automated.

This has created new opportunities but also some new challenges, industry experts said 22nd March during the panel session “Innovating Localisation Workflows though SaaS Applications” at the eighth annual Content Protection Summit Europe.

The event was held in conjunction with the sixth annual Content Workflow Management Forum at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London and as virtual events via the MESAverse, allowing for remote attendance worldwide.

The combination of new technology and sensitive pre-theatrical post-production is naturally under more scrutiny to ensure that content remains secure.

Kicking off the panel session, moderator Mathew Gilliat‑Smith, EVP at Convergent Risks, noted that more companies have gone to the cloud as a result of the pandemic.

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