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Sanctum IR - Protecting People, Places and Process

A leading-edge web-based application for responding to any kind of incident.

Sanctum IR is an Incident and Case Management platform enabling teams to work together on sensitive information and files regardless of where they are located in the world.

It provides one single secure place to control and support incidents, upload and store evidence and files. The Incident Lead can also set tasks and confidentially communicate with fellow case-workers securely.

Security is #1

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and the ‘Need-to-know’ features ensure total security over incident management and investigation.

All in one place

Reports and updates on incidents can easily be collated as the platform allows for tracking of evidence files and updates, notes and communications, and the tasking of individuals.


Has the ability to support any physical or human-orientated investigation within any company which require sensitive handling and evidence protection.

Train your responders on the same application that they use operationally.

Test your people, process procedures and compliance policies to ensure you follow the right procedure every time.

Respond effectively to incidents. Collate data from multiple sources, to direct strategy, tactics and operational activities.

Sanctum IR provides:

All together on one simple platform

Save time, react quicker and be more organised with a simple end-to-end Incident Management Solution
Designed with you in mind

Sanctum IR has the depth, breadth and flexibility of functionality to meet your teams needs.

Functionality and security have been built into the application by design, providing the perfect foundation from which to develop and scale with features to suit your business requirements and price-point.

Developed from experience, working with highly skilled incident responders in a variety of industries, Sanctum IR ensures you can take control of the incident from the get go. Allowing you optimum time to observe and orientate yourself as the situation develops, and providing you with that crucial time needed to make those important decisions.

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Save Time

Having the ability to train staff on the same system they use operationally not only adds simplicity but also saves time, resources and money.

With the automated playbooks feature you’ll also save valuable time and effort for assigning tasks, setting up connections and communications and ensuring procedures are correctly followed.

Security inside and out

Users can only see the information they are given access to and ensuring audit trail compliance, all inputs are time stamped, data is encrypted with all information being immutable and cannot be changed.

Sanctum IR is deployed in the Cloud by default and is constantly tested for potential security flaws. All releases are reviewed by independent security specialists and penetration tested to industry accepted best practices. In addition, SanctumIR has modelled its security and risk management processes according to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ISO 27000 series of standards.

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Features and Benefits

  • One place for all incident activity

    Manage, communicate and upload incident documentation

  • 'Need to Know' Access

    Allow only those working on the case access to it

  • Create and save own playbooks

    Create actions for teams with dependencies

  • Kanban-Style layout

    Manage tasks with 'Drag and Drop' feature

  • Auto-Enrichment

    For faster open-source intelligence results

  • Incident set-up wizard

    Create the incident file in just 5 easy steps

  • Document Storage

    For notes, comms, evidence and observables.

  • Management update reports

    Run reports for updates on tasks and incident status

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