Managing Your Changing Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management

Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning for Networks

We provide a monthly vulnerability scanning service as recommended by MPA/TPN Best Practice guidelines: “Perform on at least on a Monthly basis network vulnerability scans of all external IP ranges and hosts and remediate issues”.

For a nominal fee, we provide you with a summary and detailed report by status of the results with a comparison to the prior month, so that you are regularly alerted to new and pressing vulnerabilities.

Configuration Vulnerability Testing for Public Cloud

We provide a managed service designed to make it easier for organisations to detect misconfigurations in a public cloud environment that could expose them to increased cyber risk.

The pandemic has fast tracked the migration of operations to the public cloud for many media and entertainment businesses. Configuration of a cloud environment can be complex and maintaining correct security posture is essential in avoiding exposure to risk.

Our automated scanning service, configured for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, etc is aimed at application providers and operations with 100% and hybrid cloud operations.


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