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Sanctum HUB - Protecting People, Places and Process

Sanctum HUB is a modular, component-based Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution that is tailored and customised accordingly for both workflow security assurance and security compliance, benchmarking against relevant standards and client-based security control frameworks.

It can be offered as a managed service or custom branded according to individual business requirements.

What we can offer your business

Assessment Module

Security compliance audit and assessment solution that can be fully customised with published, or blended controls sets with remediation management and reporting.

Constant Monitoring

Managed security scanning for the Cloud that can be constantly monitoring your ever changing and evolving environments regardless of your cloud service provider.

Penetration Testing

Through a targeted attack simulation, our team safely takes your business through real-world scenarios and advises on remediation.

Background Checker

Our Vetting Solutions is an innovative and effective provider of pre-employment screening and background checks to the public and private sectors.

Workflow Management

Advisory and project management solutions, as well as technical consultancy services, to help organisations meet the increasing demands and challenges of their industry.

Resource Library

A unique database of organisational policy templates, configuration drop sheets, implementation guidance and more.

Incident Response

Providing testing and consultancy for business continuity and disaster recovery for your organisation.

Network Vulnerability Scanning

A subscription based network vulnerability scanning, remediation and reporting service.

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