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Penetration Testing Methodolgy

Our Targeted Framework Assessment (”TFA”) strategy uses ethical attack methodologies. We employ Crest certified security professionals with front line cyber-defence experience in media & entertainment, military and banking.

Our penetration testers are very familiar with the TPN security assessment program for the Media and Entertainment sector. Through a targeted attack simulation, our team is able to take your business safely through real-world attack scenarios, allowing you to find and fix vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. All of our penetration testing is performed using an established, standard methodology allowing our clients to demonstrate controlled improvement between test cycles. We analyse the data to determine if your system is vulnerable to internal or external attack. 

The MPA/TPN Best Practice guidelines advise external infrastructure and web application pen testing by a third party annually and also monthly Vulnerability Scanning. As we conduct an initial vulnerability scan as part of the pen test, the option is to have 11 subsequent monthly scans from the second month until the end of the 12-month period.

Latest Testimonials

“Convergent was very understanding of the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 related business shutdowns. We were able to figure out with them a convenient and practical approach for testing while not compromising on any bit of the effectiveness of the pen test. It was particularly remarkable that Convergent was not putting up a security theatre, instead they were placing their emphasis on real security issues. It was a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to engaging with them again on our security compliance journeys.”
“Convergent were very helpful arranging dates to fit within our scheduled TPN audit. There was good communication, with the information they required being set out clearly. Their report was also clear and easy to understand with the right level of detail and follow up. Our consultant was punctual and responsive - we will definitely contact them for future requirements.”
“Our Hollywood Studio partners are justifiably curious about our security provisioning around their media. Convergent provided a very professional service, I will be contracting their assistance to expand our media activity both on premise and in the cloud.”
“We were under a very tight deadline and the Convergent team delivered a day early. Very professional and talented staff. Appreciated how fast Convergent responded to all of our needs via email.”